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Proaxia Consulting Group in Osaka Tokyo Nagoya Japan: Careers


In the Core Systems Japan Co., Ltd., we are looking for the following personnel. One of the few global product to connect the mobile and ERP, will continue to provide to the Japanese market. Japan's market in this area, but is still immature, and welcome the people with the spirit of challenge.


- Wanted job

SAP ABAP engineers


- Recruitment target

ERP connector engineers

customize and introduction consulting · ERP connector you will be responsible for the support. 3 years of SAP ABAP development experience and the Windows system (java, C) development experience and English (about e-mail reading and writing)


- Work location

Tokyo, Osaka


- Payroll

By our regulations


- Various allowances

Transportation expenses paid


- Working hours

9:00 to 18:00


- Holiday vacation

Five-day work week, year-end and New Year

holidays, paid leave (by our regulations)


- Welfare

Social Insurance equipped


- Application method      

Please send your resume and job resume by

e-mail. recruiting@coresystems-japan.com

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