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coresuite sales (Sales CRM)

Estimates from the inquiries, the business processes of up to orders - claim, can be achieved with the cooperation of SAP ERP and coresuite.

Because you are holding the stock information cooperation to coresuite in the cloud with the SAP ERP, you can earn without quote-order information delay in mobile.


coresuite service (maintenance service)


Work reporting from the allocation of maintenance voucher creation and maintenance personnel, the actual input, you can realize the business processes of up to claim in the cooperation of SAP ERP and coresuite.

Reflection of work experience, work report was our confirmation to the customer, it will be stored in the SAP ERP. They are attached to the bill, it will also be more efficient back-office operations.


coresuite resource planner (maintenance engineer schedule)


Based on the maintenance service documents that were created in the ERP, to help create a schedule of maintenance personnel.

Set schedule, via the cloud, it will be sent along with the information necessary for the maintenance personnel with a mobile.


Checklist Designer Coresuite (working checklist template)


For work confirmation of maintenance service documents that were created in the ERP, you can make the template design of the check list. Checklist template is sent to the maintenance personnel with the iPad, you can use to work confirmation.


SAP ECC6.0 Connector


ERP connector, in order to provide the ERP data to mobile users, is the software that connects the cloud and ERP. Currently, the connector for SAP ECC6.0 and SAP Business One has been provided.

Microsoft Dynamics AX version is also in development.


Proaxia Consulting provides open platform consulting services including development service on cutting edge technology and environment, and system design and development using .NET, JAVA, and other languages.


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