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Pro Axia Consulting

Pro Axia Consultants Business Consulting Group in Osaka Tokyo Nagoya Japan: Guidance of the Tokyo Office Relocation

This time, because we have decided to relocate our Tokyo office below, we guide.

Both kindly future should be noted that I would like to ask your further support and your kindness.


«Tokyo office relocation destination»


Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Higashi Gotanda chome third No. 1

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Gotanda Kyodo Building 9F



TEL: 03-6450-4473

FAX: 03-6450-4902


Business start date: February 29, 2016


Proaxia Consulting  provides open platform consulting services including development service on cutting edge technology and environment, and system design and development using .NET, JAVA, and other languages.


Core Systems Japan Co., Ltd. is a global company that provides ERP data-enabled services using the mobile.

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